Aug 30, 2011

Content is still king!

 New display technology is amazing. Just look at what Nanolumens is doing.

Nanolumens flexible and lightweight indoor LED screen

Although this may not apply to Nanolumens screen systems, 'amazing' can be a double edged sword. On one hand it is, well, amazing and on the other clients see new technologies for the first time with amazing demo content specifically made for it. They want the technology and they buy it. Content, unfortunately, is an afterthought. This is particularly true about OI’s.

Often clients do not consider the fact that all video based optical illusions require specific content made specifically for their particular application and that content is a production cost that has to be factored in to a budget. The makers of optical illusions do not like to make selling their particular machines any harder than it already is and often downplay the role content plays. Technology providers claim content is easy and sometimes it may be, if you know what you are doing.
Luckily, agencies are mostly aware of the issue. What does sometimes happen is that agencies and their clients rely on re-purposing content for other conventional media like TV, web and even print. Technically, that is entirely possible. However, using these elements will most definitely lessen the effect and making that content pop as it should, usually ends up being more expensive than creating the proper content from scratch.
One of the problems is that content creators, whether they are in-house or external, are either too busy or don’t have the budget to master creating content for anything other than conventional media. Actually making the OI hardware available at the content creator’s office, so they may get a sense of how it works, usually comes down to a tight budget.
Despite this, a few content houses have made the leap. One example is Studio P right here in New York. Studio P has created content for OI’s for some time now and has really mastered the intricacies of the trade.
Even on the gadgetry side it is not all doom and gloom. Some manufacturers realize the problem and one in particular is actively trying to push content houses and individual content creators to change the status quo. Case in point, Realfiction based in Denmark. Realfiction have managed to create very nice demo content for their devices in the past but realized that the focus needed to be developing new hardware. Now they are offering a € 5.000, - cash prize for best content created for their Dreamoc systems. This is exactly the kind of initiative makers of optical illusion technology needs. A result of this contest is that Realfiction will have more creators go through the process of figuring out how to produce compelling content for OI applications. Kudos, Realfiction kudos.
Whether you have a big budget or not, when it comes to using OI’s as a part of your event, campaign or media strategy, you will at some point have to realize that you are in fact thinking outside the box. As such you are out of your element.
Make sure that you align yourself with the proper knowledge. Consult with an expert and please, think about content the whole way through the process.

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